About the Blog

I am fascinated by advertising and am concerned about its impact on today’s young women. Age has been deemed an epidemic and split-ends have become a threat far worse than any foe.

It has been said that a woman earns 77 cents for every dollar a man makes and it’s no secret that advertisers prey on women’s insecurities. Cosmetic sales climb during depressions and advertisers push tubes of shiny self-confidence from every page. It doesn’t matter if the tubes were tested on Fido first. It doesn’t matter if the company employs another woman across the globe a dollar a day to package it. Chances are that woman has far more to fret about than the color of her kiss.

Marketers think that if they paint it all pink a woman will buy almost anything.
I aim to challenge these assumptions.
I aim to inspire you to examine where you spend your 77 cents.

Banner by Anne Lackney, photo courtesy of Harper’s BAZAAR

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