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Meta Sexism

Sometimes I wonder if not having a television impedes my ability to critique advertising from a feminist perspective- Then I remember that the average person is exposed to hundreds of advertisements a day and I worry I’ll never have enough … Continue reading

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Wal-Mart Wages Rollback! Free Class Action Lawsuit with Every Purchase!

I must admit, when I saw Wal-mart’s new “Official Supporter of Moms” advertising campaign I scratched my head a little bit. “Hey…isn’t Wal-mart involved in a class action lawsuit in history over gender discrimination?” I thought. Google at my fingertips, … Continue reading

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Lashing Out Against Latisse

When I first saw Latisse advertised, I was dumbfounded. A prescription drug designed to grow longer eyelashes? How is it possible that doctors can create miracle drugs for “inadequate eyelashes” and yet I’ve been walking around with a cough for … Continue reading

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